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Safety Program

Technical Services

This unit works in all aspects of building construction and housing, including field and compliance inspection. It is a delivery agent for the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program, and works with communities to access loans for existing CMHC housing units. It provides, on a fee for service basis, advice to projects other than those for member communities, where it acts as project manager/consultants/assessors.

Infrastructure : This includes, roads, bridges, lot development, Water and Waste Water Services including Water Treatment Plant Operations, Operations and Maintenance throughout community.

  • Environmental issues such as contamination, fuel stations, landfills and environment assessments.
  • Capital – Provide support with reporting requirements.  Funding Submissions assistance
  • Housing – Provides assistance with Housing management, construction, compliance inspections, Blueprints and plans reviews.  Funding submissions and project management.  Enforcement of Building Codes
  • Advisory Role – Works with First Nations in all steps of project approvals, funding request, reporting requirements
  • Asset Management
  • Mapping and 911 Emergency assistance with relation to fire protection

Capital Projects

Task Activity
Project Management Manage consultant during the construction & design phases of construction. Review reports, drawings, payments, attend project meetings, provide advice to Client on potential impacts, benefits, etc. Provide financial and project reports on a regular basis.
Tender, Tender development Provide proper tender documents to be used in projects, assist or carry out tender opening, check for arithmetic errors, provide background checks on low 3 bidders, provide recommendation to Client.
Contract Documents Provide suitable contract documents based on type and complexity of project.
Design Review Specifically looking for cost savings, ease of operation, flow diagrams, possible design alternatives.
Inspections Buildings, small municipal systems, renovations, progress inspections, etc.Housing, roads, etc.
CMHC S. 95 Housing Inspections, plan reviews; S. 10 Housing; Cyclical Inspections; RRAP and RRAP for disabilities.
Housing Progress Inspections; Minor Capital Housing Inspection (code compliance); Plan review and recommendations; House Planning; Contract information; Housing Policy and Committee Development; and, Conditional Assessments.
Minor Capital 5 year minor capital plans, environmental screenings, CMHC information requirements (planning).
Major Capital Advising on projects as required, meetings with funding agencies, financial institutions, Chief & Council, consultants, etc.
Capital Asset Inventory System (CAIS), Capital Asset Management System (CAMS) and Asset Condition Reporting System (ACRS) Provide training and/or updating as required under funding requirements.
PPA/EPA Develop documents to meet with INAC requirements.

    Technical Services Advisor
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