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Community Leadership


Leadership is fundamental to achieving community objectives. Community members must have confidence in the processes they use to elect their leaders.

Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services has gained an excellent reputation for competence and dependability in assisting communities with elections.

The cornerstone of an effective election process is an accurate membership list. The Corbiere decision has underscored the importance of maintaining such lists for both on and off-reserve populations.

Wills and estate have not been traditional practices of First Nations. Many Bands rely on historic custom for distribution of estates, but that process is not recognized by the Indian Act. Because the Act makes no provision for these customary practices, provisions can be imposed that disregard the wishes of the deceased or their families. However, DIAND considers estates as a private family matter, best administered by families (60% of estates are administered by families) and currently only acts as a last resort. It is therefore becoming increasingly important that this area be recognized by Bands and community members as important in family planning activities.

The services this department provides are listed below:

  • Conducts elections and by-elections often as Electoral and Deputy Electoral Officers. Each election takes three months from beginning to end. This Membership unit is also requested by other First Nations to conduct their Elections. As long as it does not interfere with our area First Nations Elections, they do conduct outside Elections.
  • Assists INAC with treaty days.
  • Treaty Annuity Payment Schedule
  • Obtains and reports and/or enters events that affect the Indian Register.
  • Issue status cards.
  • Assist with Bill C-31 applications.
  • Reports status category upgrades.
  • Issue identification letters.
  • Assist and report Band transfers.
  • Provide Commissioner of Oaths in regards to Membership.

Membership forms available to be downloaded:

NOTE: To download most of the following forms, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. To download it, or to find out more about it, please visit the Adobe web site.

Other Downloads:

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