• Tammy Ryll, Executive Director

Tammy oversees the daily operation and management of the organization and brings forth any concerns/issues that staff or communities may have to the Board of Directors.

  • LeeAnn Brown, Receptionist

Providing secretarial and administrative support for the office, LeeAnn is responsible for recording staff attendance, typing, filing, recording incoming and outgoing correspondence, ordering supplies, and keeping the office equipment organized and updated.


  • Caroline Chartrand, Financial Administrator:

Caroline handles the finances in the Tribal Council, while also working with the First Nations. She is also a computer controller. She monitors internal control systems, reviews and provides analysis on all accounts to ensure accuracy and that financial statements are fairly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals.

  • Darlyss Krienke, First Nation Financial Advisor:

Darlyss works with the member First Nations in the areas of computerized bookkeeping and accounting, financial planning, development and reporting. provides support and capacity development.  also assists in the preparation of application and proposals.

Registration and Membership:

  • Connie Kress, Membership & Electoral Advisor:

Connie works in the membership department and issues status cards, reports births, marriages, and deaths. She also assists with Wills for Elders. Connie is also a Commissioner of Oaths and an Electoral Officer.

  • Kayla Windigo, Membership & Electoral Assistant:

Kayla works closely with the Membership/Electoral Advisor and provides support services, advice, and guidance to the memberships of the local First Nations.

Economic Development:

  • Tana Mann,  General Manager: RLTABFSC

Tana manages the Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business and Financial Services Corporation. Tana is available to meet with area First Nations individuals and businesses to discuss any economical development ideas.

Chiefs Secretariat:

  • Tammy Ryll, Chiefs Secretariat Coordinator:

Tammy services as the coordinating political officer for the Rainy Lake Tribal Area Chiefs. She relays all decisions, requests, and directives appropriately.

Mining Resources:

  • Roger Morrison, Mineral Development Advisor:

Roger provides support to the building capacity in the communities pertaining to mineral exploration. He is also the mediator between the community, ministry and industry.

  • Jackie Lizotte, Community Coordinator for New Gold Inc.:

 Jackie is the First Nation Coordinator working in communications between the mining company Rainy River Gold Project and the affiliated (7) First Nations with Pwi-Di-Goo-ZingNe-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services.

Technical Services:

  • Marc McPherson, Technical Services Advisor/Housing Building Inspector:

Marc advises the communities in the areas of roads, sewer, and water, environmental issues, infrastructure, maintenance, capital, as well as funding community projects.

  • Tyler Yatchuk, Emergency Management Coordinator:

Tyler is responsible for emergency management planning with the local First Nations. He assists with the development and implementation of community plans and with the mobilization of community teams in the event of a crisis.

  • Curtis Jourdain, Fire Prevention Officer:

Curtis can help you with fire safety, prevention, education and training. Whether you need help with equipment or your fire team, he can guide you in the right direction so that your community is a safe place to be.

  • Jay Bruyere, Technical Services Water/Wastewater:

Jay provides technical advice and direction within the water and waste water department. He ensures community water treatment plants run at their optimum capacity and identifies infrastructure updates and modifications.

  • Vacant, Computer Programming Analyst
     Provides advice and direction on our technology requirements within the organization. He also assists the member communities with computer related issues or problems.
  • Carla Koski, Waste Management Coordinator:

Carla assists the seven First Nation members with program support in the area of solid waste management and waste diversion programming.

  • Vacant, OBOA Official:

 Works with CMHC and the surrounding First Nations to make sure Code Compliance Inspections in First Nation Housing are met. He also helps out with project development and AutoCAD drawings.

  • Morgan Anderson, Housing Intern:

Morgan provides advice on construction, creates AutoCAD drawings and works with the inspector in order to acquire the necessary experience within the Housing Portfolio.

Human Resources:

  • Vacant, Human Resources Intern:

 is our part-time HR Intern.  is available to assist the First Nations with any Human Resource issues you may have from job descriptions, job postings, interview questions, policies, etc.  has the expertise of People First HR Services to assist her.

Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Staff Tour New Gold Mine

Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Staff Tour New Gold Mine

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