Mineral Development Advisor

Outreach and Education:
Help educate community members on activities conducted throughout the mining sequence and their potential for impacts.
Assist in organizing information-sharing opportunities within the community.
Remain current with technical knowledge of mineral exploration and development sequence and the Mining Act and regulations.
Conduct site visits during any stage of the mineral development sequence. The MDA may be accompanied by community members, such as Elders, trappers and land users.
Proactively establish and maintain relationships with early exploration proponents, as necessary.

Exploration Plan Submissions and Exploration Permit Applications:
Receive copies of exploration plan submissions and exploration permit applications that have been sent to the community and note their timelines and track any responses.
Assist the community by explaining technical issues, if necessary.
Help the community understand or assess potential impacts, if any.
Provide input to MNDM on potential impacts the proposed activities may have on the community’s Aboriginal or treaty rights.
Coordinate formal responses to MNDM within regulated timeframes.
Facilitate site visits, as appropriate, and as coordinated with project proponents, on a case-by-case basis.
Cooperate with project proponents, who may have been delegated certain procedural aspects of MNDM’s consultation process on an exploration plan submission or exploration permit application, on a case-by-case basis.

Closure Plans and Closure Plan Amendments:
Receive copies of notice that have been sent to the community and note their timelines and any track responses made by the community.
Facilitate and assist with Industry partnership with communities.

Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services Mineral Development Conference 

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