There are seven departments within Advisory Services. Click on the department name to find out more about the roles and responsibilities of each.

This department is responsible for overseeing the daily operation and management of the organization. Reporting to the Board of Directors, administration is responsible for the management of staffing, and developing and coordinating training programs for employees.

Working together with First Nations communities, the Finance department is responsible for computerized bookkeeping and accounting; financial planning, development and reporting; assists in the preparation of applications and proposals; and other related duties as required. Monitoring of internal control systems, reviews and account analysis is carried out to ensure accuracy , and that the financial statements are fairly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Human Resources
Training is organized for the area First Nations and various organizations. It is also the duty of this department to ensure that employees receive adequate training and skills development opportunities.

Economic Development
Economic Development assists individuals wishing to start their own business to obtain Provincial and Federal Grants and Loans. This also includes improving the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businessmen, to create long term employment opportunities. It is the goal of this department to help increase the number of Aboriginal businesses.

Responsible for Indian Registry, this department issues status cards, helps obtain birth documents, and provides Commissioner of Oath duties. Other duties consist of estates, pension, and elections.

Technical Services
This department is responsible for advising member communities in the areas of roads, sewer and water, environmental issues, infrastructure and maintenance, capital, as well as funding for community projects. Design reviews for both major and minor capital projects are also carried out, as is field and compliance inspections, drawing and plan reviews.

Fire Prevention
The goal of this department is to help member communities to be safer, by the promotion of fire safety, prevention, education and training.

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